18 ways to refresh your job search when it’s wearing you down



If there’s any time of year when job-search fatigue swoops in and threatens to stop you cold in your cover-letter writing, resume-tailoring, application-sending game, this may be it. The holidays are a thing of the past, the temperature’s dropping, and the reality of the situation is pretty much in your face.

Regardless of whether you’re working and want to leave the company you’re with or you’ve been unemployed for weeks or months, looking for a job can really suck. You don’t see positions that interest you, or you do, but your efforts at connecting with someone at the organization fail miserably. No one responds to your email, or you go in for a meeting and think you’ve nailed it until you learn that another candidate has been chosen. No matter where you are in the process — how many places you’ve applied or how many pre-screen phone interviews you’ve had — one thing’s for sure: Job searching can be exhausting. Read more…

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